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Living on campus and off campus both have their pros and cons. A major issue that I had heard upperclassmen complain about often was the tram services at Texas State University. I thought it was just a running joke until I experienced the tragedy myself.

One day I left my apartment 40 minutes before a class that I had a test in. Got to the bus stop, bus came relatively quickly, and I get to the school a good 20-30 minutes before class. Unfortunately the bus driver did not think we should be going to class so he decides to take us around the bus route one more time before letting us out. I, of course, was late to my class.

Most of the Texas State off campus students have horror stories of the tram system here. Most of the time it is neither the tram drivers fault nor the students so even though a lot of the complaints are justifiable there is no solution to be had.

if you’re a Texas State student and need more information on the bus system:


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I consider myself an honest person. I just have this thing where I ‘m not honest with boys of interest because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m in love with them and I think it’s because on Entourage if a girl did anything at all they called her crazy. If I had never seen Entourage and was comfortable with my deepest, darkest, most honest feelings, these are some of the texts I would have and should have sent to various dick-bearing creatures.

I know you cheated because I accidentally stalked you. It was one time and it was literally an accident.

Why do you ask me questions that you could ask Google?

I wrote about you for a writing class and everyone said you were a stupid jerk and they asked me where you lived so they could come bully you even the professor.

A Gossip Girl cast member told me…

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My generation is considered the “technology generation”. We grew up with computers, cell phones, internet, and other various technologies. Every year new technologies come out that capture the world’s attention. Unfortunately, my attention is mostly not where it should be.

I, like most of my peers, am constantly on my phone.

“Did he text me?” 

“I wonder if I should update my facebook status for Grandma…”

“I bet the tags on Tumblr have what I’m looking for.”

“WTF? Did Becky just subtweet me?”

My lack of self control and need for various social media interaction is annoying. I need to get off my phone especially when I have so many things to do. One app that I would love to see is an app for a phone that sets a timer and locks you out of your phone until a certain time(they you set yourself). There would be an emergency call setting in case of emergencies(no text option because why would you text in case of a real emergency?).



As a child, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be a grownup. There would be no one to tell me where to go, what to do, what to wear, or how to live my life. Going off to college allowed me to live the life I have always dreamed…except it didn’t.

When I left home, I was optimistic and had grand dreams of what college and adult life is going to be like. No one told me that I would be stressed every single day because I never had enough money to buy food, pay rent, buy clothes, or have outings with friends. Not only is money an issue but relationships get harder to create and maintain.

Being thrust out into the cold a.k.a. being dropped off at college, is not the fun party tv portrays it. Luckily, my parents taught me to self sufficient enough so that I wouldn’t struggle but yet here I am along with my fellow peers. I’ve been told that it gets easier but I’ve also been told that it gets harder. College and growing up is annoying.

For my homies that are still struggling with washing clothes then here is a link for you: