My generation is considered the “technology generation”. We grew up with computers, cell phones, internet, and other various technologies. Every year new technologies come out that capture the world’s attention. Unfortunately, my attention is mostly not where it should be.

I, like most of my peers, am constantly on my phone.

“Did he text me?” 

“I wonder if I should update my facebook status for Grandma…”

“I bet the tags on Tumblr have what I’m looking for.”

“WTF? Did Becky just subtweet me?”

My lack of self control and need for various social media interaction is annoying. I need to get off my phone especially when I have so many things to do. One app that I would love to see is an app for a phone that sets a timer and locks you out of your phone until a certain time(they you set yourself). There would be an emergency call setting in case of emergencies(no text option because why would you text in case of a real emergency?).