Living on campus and off campus both have their pros and cons. A major issue that I had heard upperclassmen complain about often was the tram services at Texas State University. I thought it was just a running joke until I experienced the tragedy myself.

One day I left my apartment 40 minutes before a class that I had a test in. Got to the bus stop, bus came relatively quickly, and I get to the school a good 20-30 minutes before class. Unfortunately the bus driver did not think we should be going to class so he decides to take us around the bus route one more time before letting us out. I, of course, was late to my class.

Most of the Texas State off campus students have horror stories of the tram system here. Most of the time it is neither the tram drivers fault nor the students so even though a lot of the complaints are justifiable there is no solution to be had.

if you’re a Texas State student and need more information on the bus system: