Going with the theme of this blog, I was very annoyed having to create blog posts. Granted, most posts took me ultimately 5 minutes to actually write, I still had to put effort into it. I am now more grateful for the blogs I follow and read now. I am now able to criticize them fairly now that I know the goings on and effort required for their blogs. I believe adding pictures and links on posts definitely made it more interactive for viewers and if I decide later on to begin blogging then I will definitely use these tools.

As for social media, I feel that nowadays it is more useful than continuous blogging. I’m a huge Twitter user and definitely use it on the daily. For my internship this past semester I even used Twitter to help me get the word out about the social app I was getting paid to promote. It helped spread the word and give the app prominence among Texas State students.

if you’re interested in the idea of blogging but you dislike the actual writing process then Http:// might be a better website for you