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Going with the theme of this blog, I was very annoyed having to create blog posts. Granted, most posts took me ultimately 5 minutes to actually write, I still had to put effort into it. I am now more grateful for the blogs I follow and read now. I am now able to criticize them fairly now that I know the goings on and effort required for their blogs. I believe adding pictures and links on posts definitely made it more interactive for viewers and if I decide later on to begin blogging then I will definitely use these tools.

As for social media, I feel that nowadays it is more useful than continuous blogging. I’m a huge Twitter user and definitely use it on the daily. For my internship this past semester I even used Twitter to help me get the word out about the social app I was getting paid to promote. It helped spread the word and give the app prominence among Texas State students.

if you’re interested in the idea of blogging but you dislike the actual writing process then Http:// might be a better website for you



Here’s a little video that i put together that compiles a list of every day annoyances that are obnoxious but not enough to get into a rage over.



For more annoying videos check out my page

Here is a few of my least favorite things about the college life

Here’s a little reminder of why the holidays aren’t as great as everyone thinks

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So mostly my blog has been about what I think is annoying so as any blogger who has run out of ideas I have taken to Twitter to see what my peers think is annoying.


if you DON’T have a Twitter then it is time to join the rest of my brethren and get one


I’m going to get a little personal on this post. I have generalized anxiety disorder. What this means is that I’m constantly worrying about irrational things. I don’t mind speaking to people about this because I don’t feel like it is something I need to hide. My disorder doesn’t change who I am and certainly doesn’t change our relationship.

What is annoying is when people mock and do not recognize mental illnesses. Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar disorder, Anorexia, and other mental diseases are just as real as other disorders. When someone has cancer, it is recognized, sympathized, and mockery is frowned upon. Why isn’t that the case for mental disorders? Is it because of the social stigma that someone is “crazy” or “making it up” because their brain’s chemicals are skewed and that others can’t see the physical aspects?

I am a little biased on this topic but I felt like it was one that needed to be brought up. I hope I will never know how it feels to have cancer but I try to sympathize with what they are going through. Why can’t this be done with mental disorders? Why does someone have to take their own life before it is recognized as legitimate by their friends and family? Would you ignore diabetes or a broken bone? Just because you can’t comprehend their disorder does not mean you should mock it or tell them they are “faking it for attention”. Demonizing mental illnesses is annoying.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with any type of mental disorder then please feel free to visit for support or questions.


Living on campus and off campus both have their pros and cons. A major issue that I had heard upperclassmen complain about often was the tram services at Texas State University. I thought it was just a running joke until I experienced the tragedy myself.

One day I left my apartment 40 minutes before a class that I had a test in. Got to the bus stop, bus came relatively quickly, and I get to the school a good 20-30 minutes before class. Unfortunately the bus driver did not think we should be going to class so he decides to take us around the bus route one more time before letting us out. I, of course, was late to my class.

Most of the Texas State off campus students have horror stories of the tram system here. Most of the time it is neither the tram drivers fault nor the students so even though a lot of the complaints are justifiable there is no solution to be had.

if you’re a Texas State student and need more information on the bus system: