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So mostly my blog has been about what I think is annoying so as any blogger who has run out of ideas I have taken to Twitter to see what my peers think is annoying.


if you DON’T have a Twitter then it is time to join the rest of my brethren and get one



Living on campus and off campus both have their pros and cons. A major issue that I had heard upperclassmen complain about often was the tram services at Texas State University. I thought it was just a running joke until I experienced the tragedy myself.

One day I left my apartment 40 minutes before a class that I had a test in. Got to the bus stop, bus came relatively quickly, and I get to the school a good 20-30 minutes before class. Unfortunately the bus driver did not think we should be going to class so he decides to take us around the bus route one more time before letting us out. I, of course, was late to my class.

Most of the Texas State off campus students have horror stories of the tram system here. Most of the time it is neither the tram drivers fault nor the students so even though a lot of the complaints are justifiable there is no solution to be had.

if you’re a Texas State student and need more information on the bus system:

Tony the Tiger is wrong

Tony the Tiger is wrong



Story Time

This summer a friend that I hadn’t talked to since the semester before contacted me again. At first I was a little weary because I had stopped speaking to her for certain reasons before but it was the summer and I was bored. Our conversations got longer and more friendly as time went on and when we finally got back to San Marcos she continuously asked to hang out. She’s pretty cool so I figured “why not?” but every time I was busy, she was free and every time she was free, I was busy. This past Saturday, I was completely free for the whole day so I asked to hang out a few days prior. She said she was available and that she was really excited to see me. Saturday rolls around and I checked in that we were still on. She responded that she couldn’t come but could hang out the next day. The next day rolls around and I hear nothing from her.

MORAL OF THE STORY: People who flake on plans are really annoying

Do not ever make plans and bail out . When the other person drops plans it is rude and discourteous for you to not go through with a promise. Flaking also shows how bad and unreliable of a person you are. If you truly value friendships then don’t make plans you know you’re not willing to keep. It is understandable if something were to come up but doing this for every plan you make isn’t cool. So no, Tony the Tiger, flakes are not great.

Do yourself a favor and read this

How to Detect Flaky People





As you can see in this image, a guy stringing a girl along

As you can see in this image, a guy stringing a girl along



1. the disembodied spirit of a dead person, supposed to haunt the living as a pale or shadowy vision; phantom

2. a haunting memory

3. a faint trace or possibility of something; glimmer

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